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You must have the right equipment to be successful. But how do you get what you need without breaking your budget? With over 60,000 sq. ft. of top quality used commercial restaurant equipment, Spokane Restaurant Equipment has the largest inventory in the Inland Northwest. All of our equipment is serviced, cleaned, and guaranteed for quality by our in-house maintenance staff. We are sure to have what you are looking for at a price you will love.

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We work with all food service businesses, from large casinos and convention centers, to restaurants, and coffee shops. Let our team of experienced professionals design your kitchen workflow, layout your restaurant floor plan, keep you up to plumbing and electrical code, create cad drawings for the health department, and much more. We’ll make sure the job gets done right, and we’ll save you money, too!

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Most people are surprised to learn that over 40% of the food created in North America every year is never eaten. It goes unused and ends up in a landfill. This is called food waste, and it is an enormous problem. To put it in perspective, if all the wasted food created every year were a country, that country would be the third largest emitter of green-house gasses in the world.

As a restaurant owner, food waste poses a more immediate problem. Every chef in America will affirm that wasted food cuts deeply into an already slim profit margin. In 2017, 12 chefs across the nation participated in a study to measure the cost savings of a “zero waste” kitchen. Each chef tracked their food waste for a month and identified ways to reuse or reduce their ingredients. All twelve chefs saw at least a 10% decrease in food costs, with one chef reporting a 48% decrease in kitchen expenses. So, decreasing your daily food waste is good for your business, good for the planet, and (frankly) your customers will love it. Here are 5 ways to decrease your kitchen’s food waste.

Reduce Food Waste

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From restaurant design, to repair, to shopping for new equipment, we have an experienced team member ready to help you with whatever your restaurant may need. Experience the difference a personal touch can make. Contact us today. We are your partner in success.


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