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Heavy Duty Range, electric, 36"W, (6) 8" diameter
French hot plates, convection oven base with (3) oven racks & 1-hour oven
timer, 2" vented stainless steel stub back, stainless steel exterior,
21.6kw **208V / 3 Ph / 69.2 Amps **DIRECT CONNECT

New List Price: $16,620.00
Our Price: $5,985.00
Savings: $10,635.00
Bakers Pride P44S Electric Counter Top Oven


Our Price: $2,695.00

Chef system cook-n-hold, counter top model, stainless steel construction.  Reduces shrinkage of product, more yield.  Provides tenderizing effect for a better product.  Provides natural browning of product.  5 racks, including a rib rack, for ultimate flexibility to slow cook up to 250 degrees F.  208V, 1 Ph, 10.4 Amps.  Cord and plug included.

New List Price: $17,526.00
Our Price: $4,995.00
Savings: $12,531.00

Call for description.

New List Price: $34,922.00
Our Price: $14,995.00
Savings: $19,927.00
Lincoln Conveyor Oven Digital Countertop Impinger Conveyor Oven

This Lincoln electric Countertop Impinger (CTI) oven puts large-oven capacity almost anywhere you need it. Small enough to fit on most commercial countertops, but large enough to replace a half-sized convection oven or up to five microwave ovens. Lincoln CTI's utilize a 16" wide conveyor belt and 20" baking chamber; and can be stacked two high.

Our Price: $3,595.00
Inpingement Double Stack Electric  Conveyor Ovens INPINGEMENT CONVEYOR OVENS, ELECTRIC, DOUBLE STACK

Double Stacked Holman Ultra-Max® Impingement Conveyor Ovens,
electric, countertop, 18"W x 50"L stainless steel conveyor belt,
24"L baking chamber with 4" product opening, electronic controls with
LED display, metal sheath elements, stainless steel construction, 4" legs,
6' cord & NEMA 6-50P

Each unit requires:  208V / 1Ph / 30.0 Amps for a
total of two (2)

New List Price: $18,280.00
Our Price: $5,595.00
Savings: $12,685.00
Used Electric Conveyor Oven Middleby Marshall PS220FS Conveyor Oven

PS220FS conveyor ovens feature a 40.5" cooking
chamber, a 20" wide conveyor belt and the patented
“Jet Sweep” impingement process that delivers
constant heat to the chamber. All ovens feature
microprocessor controlled bake time/conveyor speed.
Six adjustable jet fingers and front-loading window are
standard. Ovens have stainless steel front, sides and
top. All ovens include installation kit, restraining cable,
4' AGA flex hose and brushed steel legs. Heating is
controlled in 8" adjustable zones. Top and bottom
heating is independently adjustable. The conveyor
drive is reversible and provides automatic delivery
when product is finished. Front loading window with
cool handle design allows products with different bake
times to be cooked consistently regardless of loading.

New List Price: $12,200.00
Our Price: $4,495.00
Savings: $7,705.00
Star-Max 602HD Natural Gas 2-Burner 12" Hot Plate


Our Price: $399.00
AXP20 High Speed Ventless Oven Used Amana AXP 20 High Speed Ventless Commercial Oven

This is a commercial, high-speed, hoodless and ventless oven. The AXP 20 has 360 programmable menu items to keep the cooking process simple and ensure consistency. The user-friendly controls mean it is easy to use and requires very little training. The AXP20 features a durable stainless steel exterior and interior, to withstand years of commercial food service use.

Our Price: $3,495.00
Used Baxter Mini Rotating Rack Baking Oven Used Baxter Mini Rotating Rack Baking Oven (Natural Gas)

The Baxter Mini Rotating Rack Oven gives you all the capabilities of a full size rotating rack oven but with an ingenious space saving design. This oven makes your kitchen more versatile. By being able to prepare a wide range of products with a smaller machine, your kitchen will be able to respond to changing customer tastes and demands.

Our Price: $10,900.00
Used Doyon Jet-Air Ovens Used Doyon Jet-Air Oven

The JA Series from DOYON is famous for it's patented JET AIR SYSTEM. While cooking, air moves in one direction for 2-1/2 minutes, stops for 20 seconds than moves the other way for 2-1/2 minutes. The gentle air flow means exceptional baking results. You will bake faster and more evenly.

Our Price: $9,999.99
Used Eloma Combi Oven Used Eloma Electric Boilerless Combi Oven

As the name would imply, The Genius T-611 is a smart way to cook. This unit is boilerless, self-cleaning, and designed for steaming, convection cooking, low-temperature cooking, rethermalizing, cooking and holding, roasting, baking and proofing.

The 611's Climatic® system allows dry and humidified heat to be combined precisely according to your preferences and cooking requirements. This combi oven gives you a tremendous amount of control and flexibility in your kitchen.

As an added bonus, the Genius T-611 has single-touch controls capable of storing up to 300 cooking programs and associated preparation instructions. Thanks to Eloma's pantented Steptronic® feature, the 611 provides automatic sequencing of cooking steps in whichever order you desire.

Our Price: $5,400.00
Used Rational Combi Oven/ Steamer Stack Used Rational Combi Oven/ Steamer Stack (electic 480 volt)

Rational is an industry leader in combination ovens and steamers. This combi oven allows you cook with dry heat (convection), steam, or a combination of both.  Cook with great control while pumping out food at commercial kitchen speed.

Our Price: $17,500.00