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We Design Kitchens... And Fight Zombies, Too!

It may not be the T-virus, but Spokane Restaurant Equipment has official caught zombie fever. This past September, SRE had the opportunity to take on a project unlike any we’ve experienced before. We fought zombies! Well, sort of. We teamed up with the technical crew of Z-Nation to create a post-apocalyptic stronghold to fight the swarming, vicious, undead hordes. (For fans of this show, don’t worry, this post contains no spoilers. You are safe to keep reading!)

For anyone who has not tuned into Z-Nation yet, it is a SyFy Channel original TV series. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the cast of Z-Nation fights zombies (and each other) in a race to find a vaccine to save the world. Z-nation has become a national sensation and is currently half way through it’s 5th season. And, it is a point of local pride, as it is entirely shot in and around Spokane, WA.

SRE Equipment On-Set At Z-Nation

The idea to collaborate on an episode came from Z-nation’s set-designer (and sometimes actor) Dan Misner. Z-nation’s administrative headquarters are only a few blocks away from our used equipment warehouses. He drove by our Bumper’s warehouse on his way to a shoot and saw the stainless steal equipment in our courtyard. Dan stopped to take pictures and e-mailed our team later that afternoon.

What Dan could not have known is that we are huge fans of our locally produced zombie show. We jumped at the opportunity to lend a hand! SRE contributed over $20,000 worth of equipment to the set dressings of Season 5, Episode 7, “Doc’s Stoned History.” When you watch this episode (which aired on November 16th) , all the equipment in the bakery was provided by SRE. And, if you look closely, you can even see our logo splashed around the set!

In exchange for lending the equipment, Z-Nation granted SRE a rare behind-the-scenes visit to view the taping of episode 7. We’ve been in scary kitchens before, but this was the first one with zombies and automatic rifles!

Behind the Director at Z-Nation

Sitting Behind The Director at Z-Nation

Taking places for the next scene

Actors scramble to places for the next shot

prop gun on-set at Z-Nation

View from our seat in the "greenroom"

SRE wants to say a gigantic “Thank You” to Erika Seward, Dan Misner, and the entire crew at Z-Nation. We had a blast working with you!

SRE is committed to supporting our community. We are frequent sponsors, donors, and supporters of local and regional events. If you are planning an event, whether it be a food festival or fighting a horde of zombies, SRE has got your back. Give us a call any time!

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