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Is That Low Online Price Really a Great Deal?
Probably Not.

Shopping online for restaurant equipment from a mega-store may seem like a great way to save money. However, that "great deal" may actually cost more in the long run. When you shop from an online mega-store instead of a local restaurant equipment professional, you're sacrificing a lot of important detail work. Those details are critical to ensuring you get the right equipment. After all, it doesn't matter how cheap the equipment is if it's not what you need. If you're a restaurant owner, here are some of the reasons why shopping online for a low price ends up costing you more in the end.

Here Is What You Don't Get When Shopping Online

"Direct selling really offers only one potential advantage - a low price - to lure the buyer into purchasing from the upstart manufactureres or distributor. ... But you may find that sweet prices without local support may leave a bad aftertaste if, and when, a problem arises with the product support after the purchase is made"
- Google

An Even Shorter List of What An Online Mega-Store Does Do For You.

  1. Allows you to play "Russian Roulette" with your equipment unless you truly know what you're doing and whom you're doing it with.
  2. It may open you to a sales tax investigation and/or audit. This is especially true of large in-state dollar purchases.

The Next Time Someone Tells You, "I Found It Cheaper Online"

You may remind them that cheap usually ends up being expensive. A local restaurant equipment professional can take the guess work out of shopping for your kitchen. They can get to know your restaurant, address your specific needs, make sure you always buy the correct equipment, help with set-up, train your staff on new equipment, and so much more. Buying local saves you time, worry, and even money.

Unsure who your local restaurant equipment dealer is? Call Spokane Restaurant Equipment. We'll help you find a vendor near you.

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