It was a remodel. You probably already know those can be complicated. Did the original builder know what size we’d need it? Not likely. It’s usually a struggle to fit SOMETHING in a remodel.

In this case, the space we had available was too small for the standard kitchen layout with an expo.

Three feet too narrow? Nope. We were just 4 inches too narrow. Four. Inches.

The owner really wanted a traditional expo window to send food to the tables, but there just wasn’t enough room!

So what to do?

Easy peasy. We designed a wall made from 4” square metal tubing instead of the standard 6″ stud wall that’s just under 8″ thick. We squeezed the electrical boxes into that 4″ space with just a hair of space left over.

Of course, anchoring a wall like this so that it doesn’t move was another obstacle in itself, but we were able to extend it past the worktable to the wall beyond, which gave us all of the support that we needed. 

Finally, we hung 12” shelves on the server side to be the server’s pick up station. Traditional expo accomplished. 


As you can see from the pictures above, we got it all to fit!  The owner is so pleased with how it turned out.  He even sent a friend of his to us just last Spring for help with his brewery/café design.

On that note, try Cochinito Taqueria if you are looking for great food and drinks in one place. Please visit Cochinito Taqueria to find out more about one of Spokane’s best restaurants.

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