A beautiful new structure designed for the tramway and concessions at a new outdoor ice ribbon. Skating and food–what’s not to love?

As we worked to design this project, it brought one big challenge: the building was round.  Not just outside, either. The walls inside were round, too.

Our task was to create an open kitchen and to display lots of offerings.

So just create equipment to match, right? Not so much. While creating curved equipment is possible, it’s also extremely expensive.

After several attempts to work within the architect’s ideas and not being able to meet all of the requirements within that vision, we suggested moving the long straight cookline and the counter full of displayed food out toward the middle of the room and putting the “smaller” things in the back area. This meant the equipment that would work in smaller/shorter sizes.

Dry storage shelving, the soda system and single-door reach-ins could be configured to provide as much storage as the larger units, but also provided the added advantage of being able to fit in “pieces” along the curve of the building.

Problem solved! The architect loved the idea and we got right to work bringing the vision to life.

Another successful project in the books!

The Numerica Skate Ribbon is a one-of-a-kind venue near the heart of downtown Spokane. Check them out any time of year for fun and great food. Please visit for more information.

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