This beautiful building is located at the top of a chair lift. 

How did we do site visits? You guessed it–by chair lift! 

The entire project had to be designed, delivered and installed before the first big snow…we had a deadline that we weren’t sure about. Who can really predict the first snow in North Idaho–will it be in October? December? Who knows. So we had to keep moving quickly. 

At the start of this project, there were no water or gas connections.  All of it had to be brought up. But…how much gas? How much power? We had to be sure to have enough. But not too much either–over-sizing runs that long would add significant costs.

We had to pull all of these calculations together thoroughly and carefully–fixing a mistake would not be easy.

Oh. And the ice. That’s a big thing to consider when your designs need to hold up to the worst of winter. On the top of a mountain.

The hood had to be specially designed so that the external parts could withstand the weight of the rime ice that formed on everything during the winter caused by the freezing fog.

As you can see from the pictures, we pulled it off! We beat the snow, and everything works just as it should! Another happy customer, and another interesting job in the books!

If you want good food with a great view, check out the Schweitzer Summit Lodge year-round in Sandpoint, ID. They won’t disappoint!

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