NomNom convenience store chain logo in purple gradient.

We had our kitchen equipment delivered and installed today here at the Nom Nom on Northwest Blvd. I just wanted to express my gratitude for the patience and knowledge that James, Devin, and Fernando had today. they did a great job and everything looks amazing. Our crew is so excited to use this new kitchen equipment and rock this new program that we have set in place for food here in the Nom Nom world. I look forward to continuing to work with your company.

Thank you and have a great day!

Nom Nom

Chad and Spokane Restaurant Equipment have been outstanding. I’ve recently done a major overhaul on the existing kitchen and then put in a second one as well. They have been there through every hiccup to make sure I got what I needed. Chad has been excellent at constantly making himself available and is beyond knowledgeable. It has been a partnership to make my dreams happen and they have been there every step of the way.

Jessica Loncosty, Owner
Millie's Bar & Grill

Pacific Ship Repair & Fabrication

It is not very often that I send out a message like this, but it is warranted. Dave sent an email to me (after he knew I had placed an order with a competitor) about the possibility that we may have ordered the wrong ovens. It was a red flag for us to double-check. Dave contacted the Navy rep for Rational, and with his expertise, we were able to prevent a major situation.

It was Dave’s attention to detail that made it happen. I’m sorry you didn’t get the order, but I now know where to go to get a professional and timely quote in the future.

Rational should be proud to have Dave as their rep.

Charlie Jenkins, Purchasing Manager
Pacific Ship Repair & Fabrication

Elkins Resort on Priest Lake logo with elegant cursive and classic typeface.

Elkins Resort has been using Spokane Restaurant Equipment for the last 30 years. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality equipment and service. Chad has always gone above and beyond to fill our orders at competitive prices. If they don’t have it, he’ll find it, new or used, to fit our budget.

Mike Szybnski, Owner
Elkins Resort

Avista Utilities

Thanks for another great year! With the help of Spokane Restaurant Equipment, we helped our customers save 131,477 kw and 36,606 therms. Your support contributes a lot to our programs.

Avista Utilities

Recovery Café logo featuring a house silhouette with a red spiral at the center.

Thank you does not begin to express our gratitude for your efforts to remodel the Recovery Café Spokane. You have helped create a great new space to serve our members.

The Recovery Café (Spokane)

Ric & Jan Cain

Thank you all for getting our strips. We really appreciate it! Nowadays it’s hard to find folks that still go the extra mile. So glad you all did!

Ric & Jan Cain

Quincy Senior Center

Melissa, thank you for assisting the Quincy Senior Center! Every dealing with Spokane Restaurant equipment has been most helpful. Everyone is courteous and professional.

Quincy Senior Center

Slick Rock Burrito

Dave D. and the team at SRE always come through for us. We got a great price and they were even able to deliver the cooler the same day! All restaurant owners know that when a refrigerator goes down it’s a major problem that needs to be remedied asap. SRE helped us limit our downtime and we appreciate it!

Jeff Maupin
Slick Rock Burrito

Shogun Restaurant

After a devastating fire that took out our whole business, Tom and the team at Spokane Restaurant Equipment stepped in and helped us relocate and open our doors again in short order. It was great to be able to work with such a professional team who knew all the ins and outs of getting our doors open again quickly.

Joseph Lee
Shogun Restaurant