Located in Cocolalla, ID, we faced the same remote location challenges we’ve dealt with on other projects – field visit difficulty, seasonal deadlines, and more.

This job, however, brought us a new twist.  The owner came to us with an old structure which had burned down. It needed to be rebuilt up to current code standards.

No problem, right?

One more catch…the budget was restricted to the insurance claim. 

Uh-oh. Right? 

Not for us! We dove right in and got to work, meeting the budget and the deadline with room to spare!

The owner was happy to get back to business, and we were happy that to make them happy.

If you’re ever passing through Cocolalla,ID, make sure to give The View a try!

Check out for more information.

At SRE, we focus on superior service and problem solving. All you have to do is hand over your problems and we’ll take it from there!


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