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First off, what is a “Hood” or “Exhaust Hood”? The basic concept of a hood system is to capture evaportated substances such as: gas, grease, steam, smoke, smell, etc. It essentialy filters out some of the contaminants and exhausts all of the evaporated subestances into the atmosphere, releasing it from being inside the building and possibly causing a fire hazard and harm to the people that are within. These are required on all projects that have gas equipment and a certain type of hood for simple steam only exhaust (slightly less expensive).

Have you ever considered the complexities of Local Mechanical Code requirements for Exhaust Hoods? City Codes? What if something Happens?


We know the codes

Supply drawings showing engineering on air flow, BTU’s, Fire systems for Architects and code officials at no cost.

Cost Education

Break out all items on a hood quote showing what is quoted and why. Educating you on what each cost is and why.



We have a HVAC contractor on staff.


Have metal break and shear in stores to handle issues quickly and efficiently.


Locally air balance the hood with equipment.


Value Engineering

Show options to save money over the life of hood like demand control ventilation and variable frequency drive.


Stock s/s and install for backsplash and anywhere in the kitchen that it is wanted.

Commercial Exhaust Hood Types

Let’s explore the 4 basic types of hoods. 1. Low Proximity Hood is for hoods that will be located in close proximity to the cooking surface. 2. Wall Canopy Hood is the most common type with a wall located at the back side of the hood. 3. Single Island Hood is used over cooking equipment where no walls exist. 4. Sloped Wall Canopy Hood is for low ceiling heights.

Low Proximity

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Wall Canopy

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Single Island

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Sloped Wall Canopy

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