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Why choose experienced installers?



With experianced walk-in installers, we are confident. We stand behind our work.


Efficient Setup

Knowing where to butyl, silicone, leveling, doors, adjustment of cam-locks, going around columns, installing self-contained units in low ceiling environments, outdoor, indoor, high elevation, etc. Wow! That’s a lot! We have seen it all. Give us a challenge, we are ready.


Custom Adjustments

Would you enjoy having a new floor or custom trim to extend the longevity of your current walk-in? If the answer is yes, you found the place! Need I say more?


Emergency Service

Partnering with local refrigeration experts that offer emergency service after hours provides our customers with the comfort of knowing they will be taken care of should the need arise. If service is needed during our business hours, give us a call and we will walk you through the issue at hand.


Creative Problem Solving

There is an inherent risk in walk-ins not being manufactured right. The measurements can be slightly off, cam-locks can break or are not there. These are all TIME costing problems! We are known for finding a solution quickly and working with both the manufacturer and the customer to minimize the amount of valuable TIME lost! With metal working equipment to help if something needs fabricated and creative solutions to resolve a missing cam-lock, we are proud to help.

All Walk-ins are NOT equal

Remember, it is about the application. Things such as demand load, temperature, humidity, custom sizing, etc. are all part of the equation when considering a walk-in. There is value in having an expert help size the walk-in by asking questions that lead to the best solutions for your application. This will enable you to save both time and money, not to mention hassles. Yes! That is what we do.

We do Convenience Stores

Reach-in, multiple door commercial coolers for items like bottled water, tea, juice, etc. as well as beer caves. Yes, we do that! We have worked with several franchises and independently owned convenience stores.

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