The owner of our local locations discovered this tasty burrito chain during a vacation with his wife and KNEW this was a restaurant he wanted to introduce to the PNW. 

He wanted to open multiple franchises, so we had to develop a prototypical design and list of equipment that would be flexible and enough to work in any space. 

After the first two openings, he decided to develop a building that could be built on an average size lot anywhere. 

We worked closely with the client’s architect, pushing out walls here, moving walkways over there, and ultimately created the most efficient, well-functioning kitchen possible along with all of the documents needed to build the restaurant. 

By spending the extra time in the early stages, the owner is now able to open new locations with minimal design effort. He just needs to pull out the drawings we worked on, the equipment specifications, give us a call, and presto! The new kitchen is on the way!

Thanks to all of the hard work, there are now 4 Sweeto Burrito locations in our region!

For an amazing selection of the best burritos you could hope for, make sure to check out your nearest Sweeto Burrito. Head over to to learn more and find a location!

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