Curved, patterns, colors, etc

We can help

Fast Estimates

Bring in your floor plan and shazam! We will have an estimate back to you in no time. We thrive at fast and responsive communication.

Free Seating Layouts

Visualizing on a napkin is good….but may not be to scale. Come on in and we can sit with you, and using CAD drafting up a layout that makes sense AND is to scale.

Design Tip: Use 15 sq/ft per person. If you have a room for seating that is 2,000 sq. ft., divide by 15 to get the seating of 133.


Custom Sizes

We make our booths right here in Washington! Saving shipping and potential damage! No problem on custom sizes or problem solving a unique seating request.


Install & Repair Onsite

Being made in Washington, it gives flexibility on quick repairs, installation, modifications, etc. Our team comes in and secures all the booths, tables to bases, and if there is an issue in the field like a torn booth, they have the capability of fixing it in the field.


Chairs for any Budget

Unlike ordering from a company that drop ships all your items directly from the manufacturer, we stand by our chairs. Many chairs may look the same but are made with inferior bracing or wood. Since Idaho is one of the driest states, fragile wood from cheap furniture will depreciate much faster than usual and can cause problems very early on. We can find the right chair for the right climate and still beat most any budget.

Did someone say, "Millwork"?

We are not limited to just booths, tables & chairs. Who knew?
Custom bars, wait stations, and more–just name it!

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