Sean Mallert


With a tenure in foodservice beginning in 1984 and joining SRE in 1991, Sean Mallert is a seasoned veteran in the industry. He brings a wealth of expertise in project bidding and job costing. Over his career, Sean has played a pivotal role in a variety of landmark projects that span across entertainment venues, educational institutions, and popular dining establishments.

Notable Projects:

Entertainment & Leisure: Spearheaded the development of key projects including the Spokane Tribe Casino and the Silverwood Theme Park Water Pavilion, enhancing the hospitality landscape.

Education Sector: Contributed to the growth of educational food services with projects like California State University Monterey Bay’s Student Union and multiple initiatives within the Spokane Public School system, including three new middle schools.

Dining & Hospitality: Oversaw the expansion and outfitting of numerous dining locations, including the full suite of Twigs Bistro and Martini Bars, as well as the DeLeon Taco & Bar franchises.

Sean’s commitment to excellence and his ability to manage complex projects have made him a cornerstone of the SRE team. His dedication is reflected in the successful completion of every venture he undertakes, consistently exceeding client expectations.