Outdoor cooler, Various Sizes, Remote, Custom

Short side: 4′, 5′ 6′, 8′, & 10′.
Long side: 6′ 8′, 10′, 12′, & 14′.
Height: 6’7″, 7’7″, & 8’7″.
Any custom size

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Build a walk-in cooler outside for whatever your needs! Whether you need a self-contained box or a remote one it can be done. The cooler is +35F. Able to do a floor or no floor. Foam or wood panels. Great for creating a cold-space, a cold-room, extra storage, beer rooms, and more.

**Please note that due to the foam shortage, lead times are long on walk-ins as supply is squeezed. This specific model may not be available, but we are happy to help find and quote whatever it is that you are hoping for!

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